What is SAP?

The program focus is on school-based problems such as attendance, grades, and behavior. A core team of teachers along with others in the school community work to help students with these problems that may be due to problems with learning, socializing with others, substance abuse, changes in their families, peer pressure, and getting along in the school environment.

Referrals may be placed by school faculty or staff members, fellow students, or parents

Student Assistance Program

Vision Statement

The Valmeyer Community Unit District 3 Student Assistance Program (SAP Team) is committed to improving the health and well-being of all of our students by identifying barriers to learning and providing appropriate interventions to help our students achieve their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

Facilitate personal growth and success in life for every student by focusing on students at risk in the areas of behavior, academics, health, and attendance.


Assist all students in reaching their full potential through early identification, intervention, and referral to support services as needed.

Referral Process

Student Identified for SAP Services

A concerned individual initiates a SAP referral form. Be specific when filling out the form. Try to explain how many times events have occurred, or the specific things that a student said. All of this is important information (behavior, attendance, health, academics). The referral form is then returned to the building contact mailbox in the school office. Referrals may be from concerned parents, students, teachers, staff or community members.

Data Gathering

A data collection form is sent to all staff members who work with the referred student. Information collected relates to what steps the person making the referral has taken to help the student and how successful these attempts have been. This information helps determine what works with this child. The completed forms are then promptly returned to the team. The team will compile the information for evaluation